How to Participate

We’re #1! 2016 National Outdoor Champion Outdoor Challenge Campus Challenge Sept 18-Oct 15

Get outside, get the picture, and log the activity. It's that easy! 

Logging Your Activity

  • Use the Outdoor Nation app
  • The activity MUST have a photo and short description.
  • You have to be in the photo! Throw a hand or foot in the shot or go full selfie mode, just make sure that you are in the picture.
  • Log up to 5 activities per day PLUS bonus points

What Counts

Outdoor activities are considered nature-based during which an individual engages in the outdoors with the outdoor element being the focus of the activity.

You can log the following eligible activities:

Category NamePoints
Adventure Racing10
Birdwatching/Wildlife Watching2
Climbing (indoor or outdoor)10
Gardening (chores don't count)2
Outdoor Clinics/Trainings5
Outdoor Service Projects10
Running/Jogging/Trail Running10
Snow Sports10
Water Activities10
Yoga Outdoors5

BONUS and WEEKLY Sponsered Points

This year you will have the opportunity to earn more points each day you upload your activities! Grab some friends and working on the activities as a team to earn more points. Also be sure to keep an eye out for the weekly specific competition and challenges! It’s a great way to earn extra points and be entered to win some free gear. 

Get Creative

Traditional team sports are not eligible. Each activity must take place for a minimum of 30 minutes and have occurred between September 18 and October 15, 2017.

If your outdoor activity is not on the list, get creative and pick the most appropriate selection. For example, a course filed trip to the Arcata Wildlife Marsh might be classified as, "Walking", "Wildlife Watching," "Outdoor Clinic." Then log 5 bonus points for having an Outdoor Field Trip!

Some activities may count in multiple categories. For instance:

Whitewater rafting

  1. Hiking to get to the water
  2. Water activity
  3. Paddling
  4. Hiking out

You have just logged four activities!

Weekend backpacking trip

  1. Hiking into the park
  2. Going fishing
  3. Camping at night
  4. Bird Watching
  5. Hiking out of the park

You have just logged five activities!

Don’t forget to use our hashtag #HumboldtOutdoors for a chance to be featured on our website and win cool prizes!

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