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We’re #1! 2016 National Outdoor Champion Outdoor Challenge Campus Challenge Sept 18-Oct 15

Here are ways you can participate in the Campus Challenge.

Staff and Faculty

Incorporate assignments into your curriculum that relate to the challenge.

  • Encourage students to log their activity during outdoor class periods.
  • Provide extra credit for Challenge participation.
  • Highlight relevancy of the Challenge to student life and coursework.

Community Organizations

  • Apply the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge theme to activities already established in your calendar for easy participation while boosting the marketability of your event.
  • Plan a new event.
  • Donate prizes.
  • Create your own mini-challenge for a prize you supply.

Examples of ON Challenge Events


  • Guided walks
  • Hikes
  • Tide pool exploration
  • Restoration projects
  • Environmental education
  • Crafting, journaling, self-care outdoors
  • Gardening
  • Volunteer events (outdoor based)


  • Hiking 101
  • Humboldt County recreation opportunities informational
  • Gear essentials
  • Bike maintenance 101
  • Leave no trace
  • Birding 101